Adams Rite offers the first shower water supply system for commercial aircraft. This system provides low water consumption while allowing customers a shower in comfort using the
most up-to-date technologies. 

It lets the passenger select the desired water temperature, start the water flow, and shows the remaining shower time on a graduated LED display.  The control device monitors the functions and transmits all data to the aircraft on-board system.



Low water consumption of less than 5 liters (1.3 gal) per minute
Passenger selects desired water temperature
LED display indicates remaining shower time


 Emirates A380 First Class, Etihad A380 First Class


Thermostat Unit - Mixes cold and hot water to desired temperature
Rail – Shower Head - Provides structure for Shower Hose Assembly
Shower Hose Assembly - Supplies the water to user
Heater - Provides fast heating while keeping low weight
Actuation Knob - Starts and stops water flow
Indication Unit - Indicates remaining shower time
Control Unit - Controls and monitors