Our throttle quadrants are custom designed and tested for each application. Our history with this product began in the 1940s on the
F-86 and later the F-100 in the 1950s.  We have since supported commuter aircraft, executive aircraft and helicopters with our throttle quadrant designs. 

Special applications have included the US Navy PHM, the Boeing Jet Foil, the US Navy LCAC and the USMC LVTP-7 (gear section quadrant).



Saab 340 • Saab 2000 • Lear 40/45 • 70/75

Cessna Caravan • AH-64 Apache • LCAC


Our Benefits

Ergonomics – Each design is tailored to “feel right.”  Knob size, lever length, switch location, friction, detent location, and visual position indicators must all be taken into consideration when designing such a critical system. 

Durability – Throttle quadrants are exposed to environmental conditions and loads that each design must meet.  Consideration must be given to housing materials, lever strength, knob materials, switches, switch bank actuation, LVDT/RVDT life, and friction materials.