CDM is a term we use to capture a complete system ready to install.  This normally includes:

Ballistic Door Panels • Ballistic Bulkheads

Door Post Assemblies (ballistic armor, hinges, strikes, keypad, shock mounts, dead bolt)

Cross beam
(load sharing, camera mounting)

Flap release mechanism
(pressure relief, crew emergency egress)

Controller • Deceleration device
Electronic access from cabin 

We are in production for the A380 and A350
cockpit door modules. 

Benefits to Customers Include

Reduced installation time allows our customers to reduce aircraft assembly time.

Reliability – The rigid frame of our CDM ensures the cockpit door will always remain aligned with the door frame.  It is isolated from the relative motion that can be caused by aircraft pressurization and in-flight flexing of the airframe.



Ballistics/Intrusion protection – Our panels have been tested to meet all published requirements to ensure crew and aircraft safety by preventing intrusion while also ensuring easy egress for the crew in the event it becomes necessary.

Adjustability – Hard points, floating points and adjustment in all axes are the design feature that allows reduced door installation time and that ensures the door will remain in the position it is adjusted to.