Our support 

of the helicopter market includes both military and commercial.

We have provided high altitude breathing equipment for use by the Army when flying helicopters at high altitudes.


We provided the US Navy and US Marine Corps with Helicopter Emergency Egress Devices (HEEDS) that provided critical breathing air to crew members while Egressing aircraft was ditched at sea.

Adams Rite provides the nose wheel dampener on the V-22 and also developed the hydraulic level monitor and Hoist Winch Operators grip for the V-22 as well as a  cockpit door bolting system for the Special Forces configuration.


We developed a weight on gear sensor for the AH-1Z.  We developed the hall effect torque sensor for the UH-1Y and AH-1Z program.

We provide the pilot and copilot throttle quadrants on the AH-64.  In addition, we provide canopy door latches on the AH-64 and A-129.

We have provided chaff dispenser safety switches for the UH-1.

Our hand control unit is used to control targeting and weapons launch on the SH-60 and MH-60. configurations.

Our door latches can be found on TH-57 military trainer, the OH-6, the AH-64, the V-22, the CH-47, the UH-1, the UH-60, SH-60 and MH-60. We provide the door bolting system for the work platform on the CH-53K.




We have supported Sikorsky with door latches for the S-76 and S-92 programs along with water systems for the VIP version of the S-92.

We have supported Boeing (Hughes/MDH) Helicopters with door bolting systems on the Model 500, Model 600 and Model 900.

On the commercial side, we provide door latches for the Bell Jet Ranger and  the Bell Model 212 and 412.  We produced the parking brake control for the Bell 222. 

We are now in production on the door bolting systems for the Bell 525.  This includes baggage door handles, radome latches as well as door bolting systems for the crew doors and sliding passenger doors.