Adams Rite Aerospace

support of the Defense Market 
dates back to the Century Series fighters. 

We have provided throttle quadrants, control wheels, landing gear controls, miscellaneous interior latches, oxygen controls, crew seat controls, pitot system drains and fire T-handles for fighters, trainers and transport aircraft.

We have provided specialized accumulators for a program that still remains classified.

Our products were used on the Lockheed U-2/TR-1 (control wheels), the SR-71 (grip), the Lockheed C-130 (control wheel, latches, valves), C-5 (engine cowl latches) and C-141 (control wheels). 




Adams Rite provided crew seat controls, oxygen control panels, pitot system drain bottles and interior door locking hardware for the C-17.

Our landing gear control is used on the B-2.

We provide the Emergency Oxygen System on the F-22.

Our tail cone and radome latches are used on the F-16.  

Adams Rite provides the gun safety and 
chaff dispenser switches on the F-18.



Our engine and steering controls were used on the US Navy PHM and LCAC programs. 
Adams Rite engine controls and steering controls were used on the USMC LVTP-7 and the AAAV.






Adams Rite also provided miscellaneous support in the form of latches on missiles, drones, drone control sticks, unique electronics drawers for use on ballistic submarines, patented hardware for use on electronic cabinets in launch control of ballistic submarines.