Our Company

has been supporting the Business Jet market for over 50 years. 

Beginning with cockpit controls for turbo-prop and early jet aircraft, our support has since extended to include hardware, fluids products and oxygen products. 

Our first products for Gulfstream were on the G-1.  We have supported every model since then.  This includes interior hardware, life support products, and fluids products.  

Our hardware products include interior door hardware (acoustics door, lavatory doors, and closets), monument hardware (avionics closet, drawer latches), custom hardware (ceiling panel alignment hardware)   and towel bar/assist handle in lavatory. 


Gulfstream • Bombardier • Cessna

Dassault • Embraer • Hondajet

Adams Rite's unique door handles have also been used for baggage doors (allows closing and locking of baggage door from inside the aircraft), the auxiliary baggage door (cabin to luggage compartment) and other access doors.

Our fluids products have included custom faucets (mechanical, electronic, and IR controlled)




Adams Rite's support of Embraer business jets began with the Legacy 600 and now includes the Phenom 100 and 300, the Lineage 1000, the Legacy 650 as well as the Legacy 450 and the Legacy 500.

Our hardware products for Embraer aircraft include miscellaneous interior latches.  We also developed a custom lavatory door latch with integrated indicator for the Legacy 600/650 program.


Our modular water systems with conformal tanks are used on the Legacy 600/650 (galley, lavatory and crew lavatory), the Legacy 450 and the Legacy 500.  These systems also include conformal tanks, custom designed faucets and drains.



Our support of Bombardier dates back to the original Challenger 600. 

We designed and delivered baggage door handles as well as main entry door handles.

We provided an oxygen control panel for the Challenger 600.


The support later expanded to the modular water system (galley and lavatory) on the Challenger 300 and special hardware for stowage boxes on the Challenger 300.  

Our hardware is used by integrators in various monuments they produce for Bombardier executive aircraft.




 Our support of Dassault includes interior hardware for doors (including lavatory with integrated indicator sign), faucets (mechanical, electrical and IR), soap dispensers and custom sink drains.

Design creativity by Adams Rite Aerospace has allowed Dassault to stock a single part number for the lavatory door latch that allows use on a door with a RH hinge, a LH hinge, swinging inward, swinging outward or swinging both inward and outward. 

Custom handle options are also provided for this latch.

On the galley sink faucet, our unique design allows for RH installation or LH installation.  Clocking of the faucet neck rotation can be set by Dassault to adapt to each installation. 
The mechanically timed faucet can also be locked in the on position for continuous flow.



Adams Rite provides the complete water system for the Dassault 5X program. The system includes all components including the external service panel, fill/drain valve, hoses (heated and non-heated), central water tank, pumps, electronic controls, electronic drain valves (senses water and drains automatically), and drain masts.

Beginning with the early Learjet aircraft, Adams Rite Aerospace has provided Learjet with baggage door handles as well as main entry door and escape door handles.  This continued to the Lear 55, the Lear 60 and followed by the door handles on the Lear 40/45, 70/75. 

Additional products on those aircraft included the lavatory water system, galley liquid warmers and cockpit controls (pedestal, throttle quadrant, spoiler control, flap control).